“Champions are always faced with challenges but will rise to the occasion”

— Charles Clark

What Matters Seminar

This will be the 3rd Annual What Matters Seminar for athletes across the Hampton Roads. Get a jump start on SAT & ACT knowledge, the mental and physical aspects of what it takes to be a successful athlete, and more.



This empowerment conference will be a state event, bringing the youth together to ignite local and global change through youth and young adults.


No Text Zone

Texting and driving is a NO! We’re going to discuss the honest truth about this national epidemic of texting and driving to promote safer community . Get inspired through this emotional, convincing presentation with What Matters Keynote Speakers, and make the pledge to wait to text!



An event powered by men that will strip away the bandages of untold wounds, and give high school boys the courage to dream bigger and never stop chasing!


Spring Kick-Off

    The ultimate goal behind the elegant occasion is to raise $20,000 for scholarships and programs of the Charles Clark What Matters Foundation. It’s never too late or early to become a Believer. Click the donate tab to find out more info.


Empowerment Retreat

A 12 Day Summer survival style Summer event that will ignite a vision and purpose in life. This event is geared towards

teaching students to have determination, a deeper drive, and to positively transform their high school student body.


Our Believers make it possible for schools, organizations, and people around the world to use the Charles Clark What Matters Foundation to inspire the unknown World-Changers. Through Believers, What Matters is able to educate, give scholarships, provide clothing for less fortunate children, empower the youth and young adults, and provide mission trips that give students a cultured experience, vision, meaningful purpose to service the community and inspire.

You see the Vision, now Believe and click the donate tab.