Motivational Speech

This program is built for the youth and young adults. Give your students a chance to hear world-class athlete and motivational speaker, Charles Clark, speak on topics that will leave you motivated and inspired to tackle life’s greatest desire, being successful. Some may be searching for their purpose, but we all have our struggles. This is the biggest reason why organizations around the world need to hear the story on how turning nothing to something is POSSIBLE. Let Charles Clark bring out the best in the unknown World-Changers, give the steps that will shift paradigms and ignite successful results without wasting time!

Motivational Speakers in Virginia!

The Objective

• Help define their purpose.

• Ignite the power of self-expression.

• Help to optimize their talents without wasting time.

• Help to be the best and share the knowledge with others.

Women of Valor & Gentlemen of Integrity

This program is built to enable success through the foundational principles of The Charles Clark What Matters Foundation, instilling character, a positive environment, resources, and intrinsic motivation. Enrolling students into the program will ignite leadership skills, maturity, and positive mentorship that promote informal transmission of knowledge, wisdom, social capital and the psychosocial support.

The Objective

• Create an environment that enables students to achieve in their field of endeavor.

• Promote attendance in the Gentlemen of Integrity program to create an environment that is encouraging during and after school hours.

• Uphold the behavior and demeanor of Gentlemen of Integrity and Women of Valor.

• Community Service outreach.


Kids Are Chef & Get Fit

This elementary school program includes a hands-on cooking lesson with world-class athlete, Charles Clark and the ambassadors of What Matters. Each student will have the opportunity to cook his or her own meal in the classroom. Along with the lesson, each student will receive a Kids R Chefs apron and a recipe sheet to take home. This program will not only build your student’s confidence but also give them the opportunity to take home skills and practice the knowledge they have received with their families the knowledge they have received. Dance, Shout, Run, Exercise! It’s simple, kids will have fun with World-Class Athletes, and burn calories, learn how World-Changers fuel their body for a more energy efficient life!

The Objective

• Equip children with the tools they need for a better life.

• Learn that it’s easy to make healthy life style decisions.

• Learn the basics of eating right from a world-class athlete who exemplifies healthy living.

• Discover that it’s fun to live a healthy life-style.

A Stand Against Bullying

The Charles Clark What Matters Foundation “A Stand Against Bullying” program provides an eye opening experience from both perspectives of bullying. This program is geared towards training the youth to be positive World-Changers. This city-wide program is designed and customized for middle school students. With our 100% satisfactory rating for events, programs, and speaking engagements, we have become a trusted foundation in the Hampton Roads community. With our youthful and energetic team, we help schools create a safer and stronger social environment through positive interpersonal skill and character development.

The Objective

• To provide applicable solutions to bullying.

• To reduced and prevent bullying issues.

• To improve behaviors and peer relationships.


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