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If you’re looking for something to put on your resume this Ambassador Program is not for you! Becoming an Ambassador of the Charles Clark What Matters Foundation is the highest diplomatic ranking amongst members. Charles Clark and his members are looking for persons who are known in the community (athletes, entrepreneurs, media influences), represent certain professions, and have a burning desire to inspire the unknown world-changers. To ensure the What Matters Foundation is electing the best possible candidates, we thoroughly screen every potential ambassador application. In order to be considered, each ambassador applicant must:

• Pass a background check
• Personally interviewed by our staff.
• Have 2 years of professional experience.

Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors are a select group of middle to high school students that take part of a two-month course, Gentlemen of Integrity and Women of Valor.  These Student Ambassadors learn business skills, interpersonal skills, and engage in fun activities that prepare them for the next level in their career. At the end of the course students that have diligently provided service the community and completed tasks throughout the course will graduate. In order to be considered, each student ambassador applicant must have:

  • A Burning desire to become successful
  • A passion for giving through service
  • A curious and bold spirit
  • The desire to become business savvy

What Matters Network

Joining the What Matters Network local, corporate companies become apart of a prestige organization that acts as a resource, which focuses on providing skills, services, and/or donated items needed for the empowerment of the Charles Clark What Matters programs and events. By being a selected member of the What Matters Network, businesses not only contribute to the success of connecting scholarly students, creating a positive influential environment, igniting a vision and purpose in life but companies are recognized on a local, national, and global scale. Our network requires commitment and bringing something of value to the organization. The most successful businesses of What Matters Network are comprised of contributors who are genuinely devoted to inspiring the unknown world-changers. Members of the What Matters Network are responsible for complying with the policies and guidelines of the organization. A partial list of the policies of Charles Clark What Matters Foundation Network are listed below:

What you should know:

• Only two professional businesses in their particular field shall join the What Matters Network.
• Members of the network should represent their primary occupation and not a part-time business.
• Compliancy is essential in order to stay an active member of the network.
• Commitments are negotiated established and carried out for the term of one calendar year.
• Your letter of interest will be review by the Membership Committee and you will be notified on the acceptance no later then four weeks.

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