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Together, we can inspire more people and accomplish all goals and mission of the Charles Clark What Matters Foundation. Please join us right now, and make a difference in the many lives that need an inspiration!

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Schools, organizations, and people around the world are using the Charles Clark What Matters Foundation to inspire the unknown World-Changers. Through Believers, What Matters is able to educate, give scholarships, provide clothing for less fortunate children, empower the youth and young adults, and provide mission trips that give students a cultured experience, vision, meaningful purpose to service the community and inspire. What Matters has inspired over 22,000 students through motivational speeches, leadership, educational, athletic, and mentorship programs. Best of all, What Matters Believers have allowed the foundation to become global, through an international mission trip to Trinidad & Tobago.

This year, as the needs and demands increase across the Hampton Roads and World, we are challenging our online community to do more and help What Matters raise $250,000.
Give Now! Last year alone What Matters Believers provided: • Clothing for 3 families for Salvation Army Angel Tree • Educational and Speed Development Seminar for High School Students • Fitness Instruction for Middle and High Schools • Initiate Women of Valor and Gentlemen of Integrity program at Bayside High School • Inspired 22,000 students across the World Thousands of people know about the Charles Clark What Matters Foundation, because of you.

What Matters donors, your love and support will never be forgotten! Do something that makes a difference, Give Now!

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