He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.

— Muhammad Ali

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Check out our Plans this Year!

What Matters Seminar

This will be the 3rd Annual What Matters Seminar for athletes across the Hampton Roads. Get the jump start on SAT & ACT knowledge, the mental and physical aspects of what it takes to be a success athlete, and more.



This empowerment conference will be a city-wide event, bringing the youth together to enrich them with the successes of young entrepreneurs, community activist, doctors, and more.



A women powered event that will unify, uplift, and give high school girls the voice to express.



A men powered event that will strip away the bandages of untold wounds, and give high school boys the courage to dream bigger and never stop chasing!


Empowerment Retreat

A 12 Day Summer event that will ignite a vision and purpose in life. This event is gear towards students to having a deeper determination and drive and positively transform their high school student body.