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People want to know the truth and what it takes to get the successful results we urge for. Charles’s story will inspire millions and the reason why he’s able to magnetize to the different levels of World-Changers. Charles Clark is a powerful motivational speaker and mentor that deliver life-changing results. Let Charles give you key steps that has worked for many business leaders, students, and athletes around the world!

During his career as a student-athlete at Florida State University, Charles Clark amassed an impressive record in track and field. And that’s just part of his winning record. It’s a career that almost didn’t happen. After achieving a stellar record running track in high school, being voted “top high school performer” by USA Today, and being named 2006 Virginia Beach “Athlete of the Year,” Mr. Clark graduated from Bayside High in 2006. His dream was to attend Florida State University. He had a decent GPA but struggled to achieve the SAT score required for admission. Instead of abandoning his dream, he kept trying, determined to succeed. Then he found the Making a Difference Foundation. As he’d done with thousands of young athletes, Bob Bobulinski, its director, provided the tutoring help to propel Mr. Clark on his way to success. On his fourth attempt and after sitting out a semester, he earned the scores he needed by 1 point. He entered Florida State on a full sports scholarship. He made the dean’s list twice, ACC Honor Roll, and graduated with a 3.2 GPA. Along the way, he developed a passion for helping other young student-athletes “get it,” to avoid the pitfalls that can lead to heart- break and worse. “A lot of kids don’t understand what matters, their potential, the importance of education, or what it takes to become a successful athlete,” Mr. Clark said. “I got it at the end,” he continues. “But I’m concerned about the kids who don’t have the resources.”

Charles is an energetic young man who says that being raised in a single-parent household helped teach him independence and willpower at an early age, and that his mother taught him the value of education. In 2010 he tore his quad muscle completely and had to sit out the season. During this time, on his own initiative, he started a lunch-hour mentoring program for elementary and middle schoolers in Tallahassee which also earned him the award of Top 6 Athlete in the ACC for community service. A year after graduating in May 2011, he returned home and continued training for his dual careers: professional athlete and singer/songwriter. One of his early musical successes was winning “Virginia Idol,” an event similar to “American Idol.” When he didn’t make it the first time, he went back the second time and triumphed, winning a car and the chance to open a concert for Frankie Beverly and Maze. Among other accomplishments, he has appeared on national TV and “Showtime at the Apollo,” and he has sung the national anthem at an NFL Colts game. He has established his own music company, UUA Music, and released a solo album for worldwide distribution on iTunes. He also writes songs for TV and film backgrounds and major recording artists. After graduation he also set out to help young student-athletes develop all phases of their lives, both on and off the field. “Many kids don’t understand the importance of good grades or health,” he stated. “I want to give them the knowledge to build successful lives, to understand that they can be more and do more, and to know what really matters,” is how Charles sums up this mission. They also need help, he states, with understanding what it’s like to be a college athlete and the expectations and university guidelines. “What Matters,” a term he’s fond of using, is the name he gave the nonprofit formed to take these empowering messages to student and student-athletes through seminars, workshop, after school programs in schools throughout the seven Hampton Roads cities. What Matters is unlike any other training or preparation program for higher level education and/or college,” he states. “We take our time to perfect students and student-athletes crafts so they will perform to their optimal level in class and on the field, track, or court.”


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