The Charles Clark What Matters Foundation is a non-profit organization that is out to inspire the unknown World-Changers across the world, with a primary focus in the Hampton Roads. What Matters helps the youth and young adults define their purpose, optimize their talents, and effectively impact the world without wasting time; through programs and events. We connect people on an emotional, interpersonal, educational, athletic, arts, and business level, all geared towards the empowerment for success through the use of accomplished athletes, community activists, and entrepreneurs. We address the issues that the youth and young adults want to hear and talk about. Ultimately the Charles Clark What Matters Foundation ignites the freedom from emotional anxiety, courage to speak, self expression, overcome challenges that life throws at you, completeness, stress-free environments, a deep spiritual connection to ones purpose in life. The Charles Clark What Matters Foundation does this all for the purpose of providing the unknown World-Changers with feelings of pride, joy, love, sharable, and charitable moments that gives one a piece of mind.


Bring our mission

trips to life.

Beleive Today

“We are born to make a difference, every second counts.”

— Charles Clark

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