Ignite Day is for the purpose of igniting local and global change by challenging key social issues and career paths. Special guest appearances will be by Olympian/world-class athletes, public figures, Miss America Pageant contestants, and successful entrepreneurs.

We will discuss three key social issues the charge to youth to take action in their careers and through service in the community. The three segments involve how to be a world changer, beauty (anti-bullying), and life hurts sometimes (overcoming adversity). Each of the segments are essential for the growth and development of our preteens and teens. We are providing them with a cultural experience that one might not be able to receive on a magnitude of inspirational, experiential, career drive and community enrichment. The students not only walk away with a digital World Changer package, they bring back to their school and student body a higher level of thinking and how to ignite success.

It’s everything I wish I had growing up and you know my story! I struggled all throughout K-12 but still went to my dream school Florida State University, graduated college, and accomplished being the six fastest man in the world. The next step is to bring back a gold medal in the Olympic Games and inspire millions on youth through my tax-exempted foundation What Matters. Anything is possible when you believe. I’m so bless to have you and the school district support.

The biggest investment we have made involves $39,000 of Skillshare Scholarships for all students and administration attending, and $3,000 of Everfi online program to awarded School of the Year.