Hey it’s Charles Clark USA Sprinter, let’s Stand Against Bullying! I along with my foundation ambassadors are starting a national movement “Gentlemen Don’t Bully” and “Ladies Have Hearts” for bullying awareness month. Will you join us as we work to put a X on BULLYING. Write it on a card then share it on social media…

You think it’s impossible, think again! When you believe; obstacles only make it a little challenging! This dancer will amaze you. Check it out! Post by smoothfm 95.3.

Young Entrepreneur Voted Nationally Top 25 Businesses by Wells Fargo Project Contest. By Charles Clark August 25, 2014 Virginia Beach, VA– local foundation, Charles Clark What Matters, has been announced as one of the finalists in the Wells Fargo Project Contest July 17, 2014. Approximately 25 businesses nation-wide have been awarded $1,000. Of the 25…

Happy Birthday to our President, Charles Clark, the King himself! 27 years young, what you do for individuals across the World is inspiring and life-changing to millions. Keep igniting the way! The What Matters Family wishes you a Happy Birthday. Want to rep like a King? Order your King Shirts for Fall 2014 today!

1. Be innovative 2. Have expectations 3. Have a wish list of companies or clients you’d like to work with 4. Get Professional Business Cards 5. Network (social media and at events) 6. Write a Business Plan and Business Proposal 7. Send out Business Proposal

Positive gossip, interesting, tending, and questioning topics for teenage girls! July 21,  get ready for videos, tutorials, blogs, and forums that will inspire, bring out your beauty and hone your uniqueness. Subscribe today so you’ll get the latest and greatest on Girl Talk! 

What Matters Foundation seeking one to two unpaid interns to start on July 15 (ONLINE BASED WITH WEEKLY MEETING)! Send an email to info@whatmattersfoundation.org for more info. Must be able to either manage Social Media and/or Graphic Design Interns must complete 60 hours and be available for a minimum of 10 hours per week

Words from Charles Clark reporting from Houston, Texas. “To me this is worth more than a first place finish. It takes belief and writing it down! The vision I had last year was to award a $1,000 scholarship for a graduating high school student and it has come to life thanks to the Believers, Ambassadors,…

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