“Believe so much that you forget failure exists.”

I’ll never forget the time I almost didn’t go to my dream school, Florida State University. Many people doubted I’d be successful. On top of that, I was stuck at home for a semester, studying for the SAT and ACT, while all my friends had already determined their future. There are thousands of stories like mine but so many don’t make it out! My foundation is here to inspire, to let the youth and young adults know odds mean nothing! We are World-Changers, the one in a million. 24,000 World-Changers has been inspired and still going strong.

— Charles Clark

About us

The Charles Clark What Matters Foundation is a non-profit organization that is out to inspire the unknown World-Changers across the world, with a primary focus in the Hampton Roads area. What Matters helps youth and young adults define their purpose, optimize their talents, and effectively impact the world without wasting time; through programs and events. We connect people on an emotional, interpersonal, educational, athletic, arts, and business level, all geared towards the empowerment for success through the use of accomplished athletes, community activists, and entrepreneurs. We address the issues that the youth and young adults want to hear and talk about.

“Your gift helps inspire thousands”

— What Matters to you?

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  • Larry Rubama |Virginian Pilot Editor

    Why We Need What Matters.

    "Charles Clark is a real success story of a young man who refused to quit. And that’s something we need to teach our kids and something he is doing through his foundation. That no matter what you’re facing, you can succeed. You just have to believe in yourself. "
  • Dr. Eugene Soltner | Principal of Great Neck Middle School

    Inspiring Schools Across The Hampton Roads

    "Charles Clark’s visit to Great Neck Middle was well-received by all of our students. Staff and students alike found affirmation in his positive message, and staff extended to the classroom Charles’ lessons on personal goal setting. Charles both inspires and entertains."